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Harper Soap School

Learned to make soap with a business professional.

Our school is taught in English language only.

A comprehensive 2 day course where you will learn all the secrets to making soap that is not taught on youtube!

Hands on experience covers everything from materials, natural colourants and additives to basic business training and registration with the EU as a Cosmetics Manufacturer.


In this course you will learn;

  • the SAP tables and how to use them
  • use SAP tables to create your own recipes
  • all about soap calculators
  • create your own soap calculator for your recipes
  • essential business basics for an artisanal business
  • PIF file essentials
  • ingredients and allergens
  • make 2 batches of soap
  • make 1 batch of hand cream
  • make 1 batch of bath salts
  • labelling essentials

The course is provided one on one, only one student per course (with a few exceptions).


  • 3 nights private accommodation on site with meals (limited options for special dietary requirements**)
  • Pickup and return to nearest train station (Dax)
  • Private tutoring in good business practices from an Australian accountant who is now a Savonnier artisanal of 6 years

The course is provided at a total cost of 1250 €

Optional extras;

WordPress website creation with all essentials plus Woocommerce and emails created 450 €

Excel spreadsheet soap calculator for your own recipe 75 €

PIF essential documents prepared 350 €

Please use the contact form to make enquiries.